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Privacy Policy

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Digital Mirror Solution maintains a Privacy Policy that caters to safeguarding any and all relevant personal on-line and off-line information that you entrust to us for the IT work we do for you. The following is a procedural summary of our Privacy Policy and how it protects and affects our partnership with you.

Personal Information:

Digital Mirror Solution will contact you prior to obtaining any personal data and will advise you as to why we need such information. “ Personal Information ” is a means of identifying you. It is information ascertained to “ provide service, deliver product, and / or complete a transaction ” initiated by you. Such information can be: name; email / mailing / home addresses; credit / debit card numbers; occupation; and other relevant “ personal ” details.

Personal Information Usage:

Obtaining this and perhaps further information is necessary when: you engage our services for product and relevant transaction( s ); processing product order; security patches are requested; contacting you for delivery needs arise, i.e. shipping and billing: providing you with subsequent support of product. Additional needs for personal information usage can include: completing ( volunteer ) on-line surveys to help us improve our customer and end-user services; chatting on-line; your active involvement in our services on your behalf; need for your feedback; and our satisfying contractual commitments.

If and / or when additional needs for personal information become necessary, we would of course advise you accordingly and secure your consent.

Digital Mirror Solution may periodically make changes to its Privacy Policy. If and / or when changes are made, we will announce them as ” Privacy Policy Up-Dates ” on our website so you are always kept aware of anything that relates to our partnership.

Digital Mirror Solution welcomes your questions and / or comments. Please address any that you might have to us at support@digitalmirrorsolution.com We are always interested in our clients’ concerns.

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