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QA Testing

When you lose customers due to quality defects, you also lose their trust in your software.

Compromising on quality can cost you heavily. Don’t leave it to chance. Choose QA testing engineers who can test beyond just finding faults and never lets you or your customers down.

Our Approach

Identify gaps. Improve experience.

Understand Concept

Before getting into the technical functionalities, we first learn about what you want to deliver with the software and for whom.

What Could Fail

We build test cases about what could be the possible fall-outs when using your website or application. We dig in deep for this.

Mix of Tools

In order to make sure your software is thoroughly tested, we use a mix of manual and automated testing tools.

Complete Testing

We test for usability flow, database interactions, price calculation if involved & more. This reliably determines the overall quality.

Strive for Experience

Users first. We test from the users’ perspective instead of checking for the list of features developed in your software.

Command on Quality

Our in-house team of experienced engineers closely monitor even small deviations that can potentially have a large impact.

Document the Case

We document our testing results, which forms a strong basis of future improvements. Blocker bugs are prioritized over trivial ones.

Manage the Change

Results of an extensive testing will lead you to make certain changes in your software. We help you with making quality improvements.

Skills Applied

Our expertise in quality testing is extensive

Mobile testing

Security testing

Load testing

Manual testing

Automated testing

Product testing

IT healthcare testing

Network testing

Cloud testing

Accessibility testing

ERP and CMS testing

Test process improvement

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